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Powerful reporting module:
Your RASTRAC software comes with powerful reporting module that enables you to get exactly the information you are looking for with few clicks on your computer. Here is a short list of the reports RASTRAC can provide:
  • Advisory report: mark the areas you are interested in. The report generator will tell you how long your vehicle stayed in each area at what time.
  • After-hour report: find out if some one is using your vehicles outside regular working hours.
  • Compact-repot: get useful information like number of trips each vehicle had made, distance of the trips, average trip time, average trip distance. In addition to each stop your vehicle made and duration of it.
  • Message report: get all message sent to or received from your vehicle in case you install MDT in it.
  • Mileage report: distance traveled by your vehicles between any date/time of your choice.
  • Stop report: get all the stops your vehicle had made and the location, duration of each stop.
  • Speed report: see all events of over speeding.
  • Idle-time report: get the idle time where the engine was running and the vehicle was not moving.
  • Event report: see all the events that happened in your vehicle.
  • Complete report: all the information sent by your vehicles.
  • Custom report: looking for certain information the standard reports don't provide? Go ahead and define your own reports.
  • Congregation Report: The Congregation Report details when multiple vehicles where stopped within the given distance range of one another. In other words, the Congregation Report shows you when multiple vehicles are congregating in the same area.
  • Engine Hours: The Engine Hours Report displays a summary of when the vehicle's engine was running. The tracking unit must indicate when the vehicle's ignition was on and off using events for this report to work.
  • Fuel Report: The Fuel Report displays the fuel usages while the ignition is on. * Requires Fuel Flow Meter.
  • Location Report: The Location Report displays vehicle stops at a user's defined locations.
  • Maintenance Report: The Maintenance Report displays the current state of a vehicle's defined maintenance intervals.
Are you looking for an AVL software that can be adapted to your business rather than you adapt your business to the software? An AVL software that let you know where your vehicles are and what they are doing without a lot of hassle?
Welcome to RASTRAC the industry standard AVL software. RASTRAC was built with you as user in mind from the beginning. You will feel the powerful design of RASTRAC from the first time you fire the program.
RASTRAC will help you to do your job much easier than ever. Any information you need to know is just few clicks away. You have the total control of what to be displayed on screen and how to be represented. In addition, you can customize RASTRAC to your personal preferences.
RASTRAC® Features
RASTRAC offers powerful business tools enabling vehicle owners to monitor their mobile assets. RASTRAC® products will allow you to more efficiently mange your business, enhance your service and raise profitability.

Communication and Vehicle Control
  • One button manual position query.
  • Type & click "chat" messaging.
  • Point & click remote onboard equipment control.
  • Custom formats can be easily added.
  • Simultaneous tracking of different communications technologies on the same work station.

Analyze driver performance
  • Automatic recording of all vehicles' actions and travels.
  • Recorded vehicle files can be directly imported into your financial, accounting, and spreadsheet software applications.
  • Recorder files can be set to automatically cycle (start new recordings) at shift change times.
  • Automatic reports can be generated for each vehicle every day.

RASTRAC Allows You to Be More Productive
  • Personalized operator settings for each dispatcher.
  • Viewers can operate over the Internet (remote fleet viewing from any telephone jack).
  • Easy-to-use toolbars for common functions.
  • On-line documentation supplies operational help at a click of a button.
  • Balloon help for all functions.
  • Mouse can be used as a "driving" vehicle (for route generation/ pre-dispatch/ driver training).
  • Integrated text "chat" with any driver.

Mapping Feature
  • Maps stay in the same position, size and magnification when you close and re-open RASTRAC®.
  • Any area on the map can be "zoomed" simply by outlining the area with the mouse.
  • Layered (vector) map names can now be easily renamed using the "Change Name" function.
  • A detailed street-level map for the entire GCC is available.
  • Supports standard imaging formats (GIF, JPEG, TIFF, TARGA, PCX, BMP, and BSB/NOAA maritime charts). This means you can scan your own maps.
  • Supports most major raster and layered vector image formats (ESRI Shape®, MapInfo®, and ArcView Shape file).
  • Floating pop-up menu gives you quick access to all common map functions.
  • Driver's "alias" name is displayed next to vehicle on all maps.
  • Your special "points of interest" are automatically displayed.
  • Latitude/Longitude is conveniently displayed in the status bar.
  • New maps can be defined in minutes.
  • Up to 25 different maps can be displayed simultaneously.
Vehicle Features
  • New enhanced vehicle database packs more data into less memory.
  • You can show/hide any vehicle from the map.
  • You can set vehicle icon text to any font size or typeface.
  • Vehicle icon crosshair visually shows speed & direction, in its own color.
  • Each vehicle can be represented by a unique user-defined icon, such as a "mug shot" driver photo.
  • Each vehicle can have its own track history "tail" that follows it dynamically.
  • Auto-track your chosen priority vehicle.
  • You can instantly "find" any vehicle on any or all open maps.
  • Vehicle icons can change color when they don't report often enough (or get out of range).
  • Recorded vehicle tracks can be translated to ASCII format for direct use with various off-the-shelf database, spreadsheet, and analysis software packages.
Playback Features
  • Automatic recording of all vehicles' actions and travels.
  • Playback uses real-world timing (just like it happened), not just position "dumps".
  • Playback unlimited number of recorded vehicle tracks simultaneously.
  • Playback (fast-forward) at up to 1000 times the recorded rate.
  • Instantly draw a recorded route on a map.
  • Instantly "jump" to any recorded time of day.
  • Playback loop (up to 5 minutes) for detailed analysis.
  • Reconstruct entire fleet's composite performance by playing all vehicles back in simultaneous time-sync.
  • All vehicle log files can be replayed individually or auto-synchronized with each other to allow the viewer to realistically recreate a given situation or time period.
  • Recorded vehicle tracks can be translated to text format for direct use with various off-the-shelf database, spreadsheet, and analysis software packages.
RASTRAC is MORE than just maps and vehicles
  • Automatic work order/special instruction display when vehicle arrives at specified a location.
  • Automatic multimedia alarm when:
  • Vehicle enters or exits a predefined area.
  • Vehicle leaves its pre defined route.
  • Driver presses emergency/panic button.
  • Vehicle is started.
  • Vehicle stays motionless for too long.
  • Vehicle drives too fast.
  • Occurrence of any event.
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