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The Mini MT is a fully certified quad-band integrated platform that provides complete GSM/GPRS functionality for mobile tracking applications.
The Enfora is portable, can be used in any vehicle and does not require installation. The Enfora Mini MT's internal 1340 mAh battery will keep it powered for about 8 hours. Using the included cigarette lighter adapter, the device will remain powered when connected to your vehicle's power system.
The Enfora Mini MT can also be worn on a belt clip or even placed in a purse or backpack. The Enfora Mini can be hardwired to your vehicles power supply with the optional 12 VDC female to male adapter.

Panic Button: When pressed the Enfora Mini MT will send a text message, email and voice call to any of your contacts in the system. The text message will alert you that the "panic" button has been pressed, and the street address of where the device is.

Arm When Parked: This built-in button when pressed will send you an immediate alert when your vehicle has been moved, in instances of towing or theft.

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FIT Announces its strategic alliance with SkyWave Mobile Communications Inc. (SkyWave) ... FIT Becomes a certified and authorized Value Added re-seller of SkyWave products and network services ... FIT is also authorized to install, maintain and sell complete solutions incorporating SkyWave products and satellite network services ... FIT Has concluded a business partnership agreement with Digital Planning DPITS ... FIT Concluded a dealership agreement with Commercial Distinctive Works (CDW) ... FIT Has signed up with Manning Navcomp as an international distributor for KSA and GCC ...