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The SAT-201i is an extremely compact, single unit, low data rate satellite terminal, designed to operate over the Inmarsat satellites using the IsatM2M protocol. With an integral GPS receiver, the SAT-201i provides low cost satellite communications for applications such as asset tracking, telematics and SCADA exception reporting.
The SAT-201i offers direct interfaces to most application environments without the need for additional external circuitry, significantly reducing system integration costs.
If you do not need battery backup, solar panel power inputs, 4-20mA inputs or analogue output drivers then this is the solution for you.

In addition to the standard model, the SAT-201i also offers the following variants:
A029B03: SAT-201iC.A bottom entry cable model with integral 5m cable.
A042B06: SAT-201iC-020.A bottom entry cable model with integral 20cm cable terminating on an 12-way IMC connector.
A048B03: SAT-201iE-020-MF.A side entry cable model with an integral 20cm cable terminating on a 12-way IMC connector. This model also incorporates magnetic feet to allow for temporary deployments.

The SAT-201i has been designed as a result of extensive market research and experience built up from years of involvement and close collaboration with existing and prospective customers. The terminal includes control, modem, battery (optional with GEM-100), antenna and interface functionality all housed in a single-piece design. The SAT-201i is easy to install. It has 4 Input/Output interfaces, a serial interface connection and inbuilt GPS technology with data logger. There are two cable entry variations of the SAT-201i depending on how the terminal is to be installed - either bottom or side entry via a plastic IP66 Bulgin connector. Cable runs of up to 30 meters present no problems. It is robust and suitable for use in hostile environments as it can withstand temperatures down to -40?C and up to +70?C. The SAT-201i can also offer direct interfaces to most application environments without extra circuitry providing the opportunity to minimize system integration costs and timescales

The SAT-201i is the ideal product for GPS-based applications in the maritime sector particularly where operational constraints are being introduced. The IMO and national governments impose rules and regulations on commercial maritime operators operating in international and national waters.
The SAT-201i can be integrated into Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS) and Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) providing a reliable, cost effective solution to the monitoring and reporting requirements of those systems. The leisure marine sector follows similar trends to the land-based leisure market in that navigation, messaging and location-based services are becoming the norm. The SAT-201i has NMEA output of GPS data to other on board systems, eliminating the need for additional GPS systems. This feature opens the applications up to other functions such as messaging, navigation and internet based-tracking for sailboat and yacht racing, as well as exception based reporting of onboard sensors that detect theft, unauthorized entry and other customer determined features.
Additionally, the terminal can accept NMEA input from other GPS systems such as DGPS where more accurate reporting is required in military and oil exploration applications. The superior antenna performance of 0? look angle to the satellite is the ideal solution in a maritime environment providing excellent operation in ocean going applications.
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