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Solutions for Asset Monitoring
Theft of machinery, materials and equipment can severely affect your financial prosperity in a minimal amount of time. FIT can support you in the fight against theft by monitoring your valuable and expensive assets. Construction equipment theft has become a multimillion-dollar business, it is estimated that the total value of equipment stolen annually ranges between $300 million and $1 billion. Construction equipment has become an easier target than automobiles due to the fact that the machinery has easily accessible cabs; one key has the capability to operate more than one machine and because of the lack of on-site security. Recovery percentages are at a minimum since most machinery lacks the formal processes for titling, along with poor ownership records and distinguishable serial numbers from manufacturers. Real time tracking can effectively increase recovery rates and put an end to unnecessary monetary loss.


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FIT Announces its strategic alliance with SkyWave Mobile Communications Inc. (SkyWave) ... FIT Becomes a certified and authorized Value Added re-seller of SkyWave products and network services ... FIT is also authorized to install, maintain and sell complete solutions incorporating SkyWave products and satellite network services ... FIT Has concluded a business partnership agreement with Digital Planning DPITS ... FIT Concluded a dealership agreement with Commercial Distinctive Works (CDW) ... FIT Has signed up with Manning Navcomp as an international distributor for KSA and GCC ...