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In the current economy, municipal fleets are being asked to run their operations similar to businesses, and it is more important than ever for fleet departments to track, understand, and know their costs. The need for comprehensive fleet-management documentation and cost GPS fleet tracking has never been greater. Cost per mile is an important tool in determining the efficiency of equipment within the same class or when comparing equipment in other fleets. On the national level, public transportation supports our nation's goals and policies, including reducing our dependence on foreign oil and providing critical response in emergencies. Public transportation saves money and provides people with choices, freedom, and opportunities. Currently there are more than 6,400 providers of public and community transportation offering the opportunity and the choice to travel by means other than a car. Transportation is the backbone of a strong and prosperous economy, and investments in public transportation generate significant economic benefits. Global Tracking Communications offers advanced service software and hardware, including GPS tracking fleet management solutions necessary to assist in creating a business model that will effectively administer your operation.

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2009 First Information Technology
FIT Announces its strategic alliance with SkyWave Mobile Communications Inc. (SkyWave) ... FIT Becomes a certified and authorized Value Added re-seller of SkyWave products and network services ... FIT is also authorized to install, maintain and sell complete solutions incorporating SkyWave products and satellite network services ... FIT Has concluded a business partnership agreement with Digital Planning DPITS ... FIT Concluded a dealership agreement with Commercial Distinctive Works (CDW) ... FIT Has signed up with Manning Navcomp as an international distributor for KSA and GCC ...