The Spider MT product family MT-G, MT-L is a certified quad-band integrated platform that  provides complete GSM/GPRS functionality for mobile tracking applications.These small, economical devices also include integrated GPS capabilities. To address a variety of applications, onboard GPS data can be transmitted to centralized operations centers, Web pages, localized computers or mobile data terminals.
Please see the Spider MT product specs for further details.

The Enfora Mini MT is a small, self contained, battery operated GPS tracking device. It is about the size of a deck of cards and can be used to track a vehicle on a temporary basis or to track a child on a daily basis. The Mini MT operates for about a day on a full charge. Place this unit in the glove box of your vehicle, in a bag or backpack or inside any asset.
Please see the MiniMT product specs for further details.

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GSM/GPRS Products

The DMR-800D, operating on SkyWaves global IsatM2M network, offers customers looking to track, monitor and control remote fixed and mobile assets a low-cost terminal and network solution that is easy to use, install and maintain.
Please see the DMR 800D product specs for further details.

Satellite Products

The SAT-201i is an extremely compact, single unit, low data rate satellite terminal, designed to operate over the Inmarsat satellites using the IsatM2M protocol. With an integral GPS receiver, the SAT-201i provides low cost satellite communications for applications such as asset tracking, telematics and SCADA exception reporting.
Please see the DMR 800D product specs for further details.

The SureLinx 8100 series is a compact, integrated satellite and GPRS terminal that extends real-time global mobile asset tracking, logistics and security. Until now, interfacing to multiple networks was a difficult and time-consuming task involving multiple interfaces, differing message formats, brute force routing, complex design and significant server resources-all at an extremely high cost. Save time, increase revenues and simplify application development with the SureLinx 8100 series terminals.
Please see the SurLinx 8100 product specs for further details.

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